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About us

Jacklin Organic are innovators of ECOPOST® compost made from invasive wattle trees (Acacia mearnsii). ECOPOST® puts back what wattle has removed by freeing up water, restoring biodiversity, reducing fire hazard and producing a nutritious soil amendment. ECOPOST is used in Jacklin Organic's organic crop production with great results.



ECOPOST® is recognised by the Department of Water Affairs for its impacts on reducing wattle populations in the environment. ECOPOST® performed well in recent land rehabilitation field trials conducted by the University of Pretoria with the highest amelioration effects. ECOPOST® improves the agricultural production potential of rehabilitated land and has been used successfully on our farm’s certified organic crop production. Jacklin Organic were runners up in the 2008 GSSA Peter Edward Awards for Best Conservation Farming. 



Wattle grows in dense stands consuming up to 800 litres of water per tree per day. Conventional wattle clearing methods are ineffective and discard slash (side branches, flowers and seeds). Fire causes wattle seeds to germinate and increases wattle re-growth. Slash fires burn hotter than grass fires, scorching the topsoil layer and killing off indigenous plants and seeds. We clear and process whole trees, including slash, which is a valuable biomass. This allows indigenous veld grass species to grow back and wildlife to return. With 10 years of experience in wattle clearing and chipping, Jacklin Organic also hire out chippers to land restoration projects and for biomass wood pulp or solid fuel production.



As experienced organic farmers, we receive numerous enquiries on how to grow vegetables. People equipped with knowledge are more likely to be successful. Our social responsibility project, the Jacklin Organic Food Security Incubator, teaches food gardening basics on rural radio and was finalist in the 2013 SAB Foundation Innovation Awards. The Growing Green Nursery® supplies affordable rural food gardening products and a range of indigenous and water-wise plants. We offer garden services including setting up and maintaining food gardens.



2013    Finalist, SAB Innovation Award

2009    Winner, Mpumalanga Female Farmer Award: Export Markets & Overall

2009    Winner, Enablis Launchpad Green Business Expansion

2008    Runner up, Grassland Society of Southern Africa’s Peter Edward Award

2008    Nominated, Female Farmer Award, National Markets

2007    Winner, Female Farmer Award, Informal Markets



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Mobile: +27 824568886    or    +27 712152860

Fax:      0866111404

Post:    P O Box 169, Badplaas, Mpumalanga, 1190



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