Made from invasive wattle



      Tested in field trials with great results

      Perfect for organic & indigenous gardening 


 ECOPOST's range of compost, potting soil, lawn dressing and mulch is made from invasive wattle trees, part of Jacklin Organic’s eco-friendly programme to eradicate alien invasive plants, conserve water and encourage biodiversity. We put back what wattle has removed. This environmental initiative is recognised by the Department of Water Affairs' Working for Water Programme.   



Black wattle (Acacia mearnsii) is an Australian tree which is highly invasive and encroaches on South Africa's precious water catchment systems, mainly in the eastern sector of our country. Black wattle grows in dense stands, replacing grassland, fynbos and riverine biodiversity. They are evergreen and produce massive quantities of seeds. The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) has for a long time expressed concern over black wattle's impacts on the environment including reducing catchment streamflow and biodiversity.  For more information on the impacts of black wattle on catchment streamflow and implications of its removal, please visit the following link:,2004.pdf



Ecopost is made from black wattle trees that are harvested from the environment, mainly in the riparian zones.  After black wattle is removed from these areas, streamflow improves and indigenous plant populations start to return.  It is normal practise for many wattle eradication programmes to discard or burn side branches, creating further environmental problems such as fire risk. Fire poses a further threat by stimulating black wattle seed germination. In this flash heat, the outer layer of black wattle seeds are removed, enabling rapid germination before indigenous seeds get a chance to establish. ECOPOST is manufactured by chipping whole black wattle trees, including side branches, so the site is cleared of all wattle debris. This helps reduce the risk of fire and lowers viable seed populations in the environment.



Black wattle is a legume with a long tap root and nodules that fix nitrogen. Along with high water uptake, these nitrogen-rich nutrients are delivered to the side branches and leaves. When chipped and composted, black wattle produces a highly nutritious growing medium. Wattle is also naturally pH balanced, so nothing is added to change the pH.



A small percentage of well-matured veld-grazed cattle manure is added during the composting process. Veld-grazed cattle manure does not contain the high levels of synthetic chemicals as manure obtained from feedlots.



Black wattle seeds are destroyed during the chipping and composting phases. Proper composting 'slow-cooks' and kills wattle and other weed seeds so that they cannot germinate. During the exothermal stages of the composting process, temperatures reach 60 to 70oC. During this 'slow-cooking' process, the enzymes of whole wattle and other weed seeds are slowly broken down.  This is a very different type of heat compared to a veld fire, which is extremely hot and passes quickly, exactly what a black wattle seed needs to germinate. Composting on the other hand, allows whole components to break down slowly into more useable components for uptake by plants and add to the humus layer of the soil.


Why is ECOPOST the best medium for organic crop production?  

Jacklin Organic's certified organic fresh produce is successfully grown using ECOPOST. Organic farmers and vegetable seedling growers prefer using ECOPOST because fewer inputs are required and they have great results with all vegetable types.  ECOPOST is tested, registered with the Department of Agriculture and certified organic, so quality and compliance are ensured. ECOPOST is naturally pH balanced, highly nutritious and perfect for organic and indigenous gardening.


Who uses ECOPOST? 

Mainly land rehabilitation companies, farmers, growers, landscapers and gardeners.


 For bulk deliveries, contact Brendan Jacklin  0712152860 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it